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I have a survival server with my friends, all of us are op, and the only allowed commands are /tp and /kill <yourself>, but sometiems my friends broke the rules, so I want to know how I can allow just this two commands, and block the other ones

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You can get a permission plugin such as LuckPerms or PermissionsEx. With these plugins, you can give certain groups/members permission to only be able to do certain commands. Below are some tutorials you can use for PermissionsEx or LuckPerms. Make sure to only get one.

Ranks with PermissionsEX
Ensure that you have Vault and Essentials Chat as well as PermissionsEX installed first.
To create ranks you will need the permissions.* permission, to get this go to console and type /pex user (your name) add permissions.*
Once you have that permission you can begin to make ranks, start by executing the command /pex group (rank) create to create the rank.
Then to add a permission do /pex group (rank) add (permission node)
To remove the permission do /pex group (rank) remove (permission node)
To add a prefix/suffix to the rank do /pex group (rank) prefix/suffix set “(prefix or suffix)”
To add a player to the rank type /pex user (user) group set (rank)
NOTE For permission nodes you can often find them by typing in (plugin) permission nodes into google

Luck Perms
If you want to create ranks and give others permissions, please watch or read the Minehut tutorial for help.

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