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Any staff on minehut, please punish this person


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This is really ridiculous, story started a month ago, I asked a player Zyhriz to work with me on a skript project, but later he voice chat mean discord about how he don't have any motivation to work on any mine hut server, Discord messages screenshots: https://prnt.sc/tegssu https://prnt.sc/tegsyh. I did finished the project with my pro skripter friend, CHEESE0309. But later I found out Zyhriz is a staff on the mine hut server Gaffle. And I msged him, but he told  some word that was innaproprate for minehut server rules. Then I posted some screenshot links of him being toxic and changing the story that he msged me, All 3 screenshots of msg: https://prnt.sc/tegoz5 https://prnt.sc/tegpgu https://prnt.sc/tegpo0 But then he banned me for "hacking", yes he false banned me on Gaffle for "hacking" while I am on 1.16.1 vanilla with badlion client. This isn't fair, I was false banned on a Minehut server for reason of exposing him, and he wasn't the owner either, he is just a mod, and owner wasn't online, only him and a builder. Please if any mods can punish him in any ways thank you! EDIT: this is banned screenshot: https://prnt.sc/tegyc7


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