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/spawn Skript?


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So because of the Minehut Plugin limit I've been tryna make Skripts to replace plugins. Essentials Spawn is one of them.

My server's dev hasn't got round to making one yet so thought I'd ask here. If anybody has one please reply with it.

Thanks 🙂


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I didnt make this but


command /setspawn:
    permission: Inferiun.staff
    permission message: &9Permissions> &7You do not have permission to do that.
        set {global.survival.spawn} to player's position
        send "&9Spawn> &7The Global Survival Spawn has been set."

command /spawn:
        set {_waitedcommandspawn} to difference between {spawn.teleport.%player%.lastused} and now
        if {_waitedcommandspawn} is less than 30 seconds:
            message "&9Recharge> &7You cannot use this command &7for &a%difference between 30 seconds and {_waitedcommandspawn}%&7."
            if {global.survival.spawn} is set:
                teleport player to {global.survival.spawn}
                set {spawn.teleport.%player%.lastused} to now
                send "&9Teleport> &7You was teleported to the Spawn Zone."
                if player has permission "mineplex.admin":
                    send "&9Command Center> &cThere is no spawn. Create one using &e/setspawn"
                send "&9Command Center> &cThere was an error accessing your order."

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Use this 


    countdown: 5 
    world: world 
    prefix: &8&l(&c&l!&8&l)&7
on command:
    command = "spawn" or "espawn"
    cancel event
    {spawn::%player%} is not set
    set {spawn::%player%} to "Spawn"
    set {_loc} to location at player's x-coordinate, player's y-coordinate, player's z-coordinate
    send "{@prefix} Wait {@countdown} seconds before teleporting to spawn." to player
    while {_loc} is location at player's x-coordinate, player's y-coordinate, player's z-coordinate:
        wait 1 second
        add 1 to {_t}
        if {_t} is {@countdown}:
            teleport player to spawn in world "{@world}"
            send "{@prefix}You have been teleportet to spawn."
            delete {spawn::%player%}
        send "{@prefix} %{@countdown} - {_t}% seconds before teleporting to spawn." to player
    send "{@prefix} Your teleport has been cancel Reason: you moved." to player
    delete {spawn::%player%}
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