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[Response] Is Minehut Good for Hosting


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I see a lot of people ask in discords, lobbies, servers, etc. Is Minehut a good hosting community (Is Minehut good for hosting). Well, It's time I start a thread for this because why not.

Question: Is Minehut Good for Hosting

Response: Minehut is a good hosting community/platform for pre-servers. Meaning, servers that are not ready for public opening, straight minecraft connection, or servers that are not able to handle too many players. I'm not saying that MInehut is bad for expert servers. At the end of the day, It's just another hosting community/platform indifference from others. However, there are some worse case scenarios that is possibly lowering Minehut's fundamental and entertainment stats. For example, let's start off with staff members, some staff members I know we hate and we like. But some of them are just applying because they want to. Apparently, this is not a lie and is 100% a true story. Second, Minehut's server control panel is missing a couple of features like uploading custom plugins, changing configurations using the Spigot.yml file and a few other things that should've been added a long time ago. These things will/probably never be added due to security reasons Minehut has as a community that has a custom lobbies connecting all the servers. Support says that "We do not allow players to edit certain files due to security reasons, I doubt this will ever change". Third, Minehut isn't responsible for any griefing/abusing/false banning. Minehut is responsible for servers that include offensive behaviors of its system/staff. Recently, one of the (or used to be) RPG server known as "BoxRPG" got suspended for a single or few offensive words. After 8 months to a year of activation, It ended with a single and few words that wasn't really a big deal. Minehut also has server rules that allow limitations to servers, and servers are limited of capabilities. Minehut is not allowing servers to show it's full potential. With that all being said, If you are looking for a pre-hosting community (hosting platform for starter servers) then Minehut is a great place to start off. However, If you feel like you are ready to start a new/real server. I recommend using another hosting platform. Minehut is great and all but It's probably not the best for expert servers. And as said, It limits capabilities of your server. Another examples: Server Icons, /hub and/or /lobby commands, etc.

End of the post... If this gets locked I will be highly upset... This took me around 2 and a half hours to write... So yeah! Hope you enjoy it, while I don't think this will last very long, lol.



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In my opinion, I think minehut is the best minecraft server hosting and should not be used for making a network, Minehut puts your server in a single bungeecord network where all hosted-servers are hosted in, I don't think this is the best 'paid' host because they don't let you use a custom plugin which seems reasonable, Minehut lets you make unique gamemodes without even risking your money because their hosting is very cheap!

  • "Minehut Tutorial"

   Minehut tutorial is a tutorial about making your 'minehut server' but you can use some tutorials on non-minehut server

The secret about minehut tutorial are:

  1. the intro gets more cringe on every video
  2. why are they uploading things not related to minehut tutorials like 'Taking shape' or something
  3. They uses left hand
  4. i learned how to use buycraft from the tutorial
  5. this response is on thread named '[Response] Is Minehut Good for Hosting'
  6. trent love doing tutorials
  7. From the domain tutorial, Trent created a secret domain linking to his minehut tutorial server, I use that every time i connect to minehut
  8. I like font 'Comic Sans MS'
  9. I use that font for my video thumbnails
  10. Minehut panel took like 30 minutes for me to load
  11. ok ill stop

ok ill send the post now

this is a half-joke reply

plz dont ban me minehut



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actually their hosting services suck my server has been down for the past hour i went to the forums and nothing helped its just a bunch of a holes saying "You posted on the wrong forem area" and "dont reply to old threads" and all the comments are either people saying "Same lol" or people saying "it works now" without explaining how they fixed it and the lag is horrible and people disconnect randomly for no reason and its really frustrating and mods that are reading this dont you fricking dare give me this "Dont reply to old threads" bull crap

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I'd say...

Minehut is for starters who have never made a server, not the place to become the next "hypixel" like most think.

Also, I'd say make it 13+ due to the tremendous amount of swear bypasses on Minehut.

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do that ^^^^

i will heart back (i promise)


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