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L2Bh56mB staff appeal


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Personal Questions -
 • Minecraft Username:L2Bh56mB
 • Are you multilingual?yes i know english norwegian and hungarian
 • Discord Username:Forks_cant_be_gods#0354
 • Age:11 i hope its ok lmao
 • Timezone: 1.53PM middle europe

Application Questions -
 • Why do you want to apply for a staff on Lift?
i feel like being a staff because i want to help people and ban/kick people who are hacking or is doing something bad like autoclicking and i would love to be a staff as to help
 • How much time can you contribute to being a staff member on Lift?

everyday as i like playing incremental games but when there is gonna be school its gonna be a bit hard to be on all the time but i will make the times work.
 • Have you been staff on any servers?
yes i have been a admin on a server what was a rpg server but then it failed and got closed i wish i could still be on and manegering all the players but not anymore and i wish to be a server helper.
 • How much experience do you have as a staff member?
i have a lot of experience on being a owner on my own server and i know what to do after 2 years of making my server broken or destroyied but i have learnt not to do that anymore.
 • Are you currently staff on any other servers?
no or not of any as i know of right now.
 • Have you broken any rules on the Lift Discord or Minecaft server?

only one autoclicking and got banned but then stopped doing that.
Situation Questions -
 • You banned someone for hacking, the community is outraged. How would you deal with the outrage?
 i would say that he was hacking and that against the rules and if they say that iam a bad staff than i guess i am just gonna retire from being a staff

 • Explain a situation where you might have to act mature and professional while being staff on Lift.

if someones hacking i have to go to vanish or whatever and than see if he/she is even hacking if yes than that player gets banned and if not than they are safe from the ban.

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