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Server not working anymore?



So myself and other players were working on a rpg factions server called Void-Souls. And we were making great progress when suddenly a player (Who shall remain nameless for I have already reported him via /report) came in saying he saw my message asking for builders to assist us. The very minute I op him he says world ban, suddenly the game crashes. Now everytime I try to join, my game crashes and I get the following message on minecraft launcher:

The game crashed whilst rendering block entity
Error: is: Error parsing: TranslatableComponent{key='translation.test.invalid', args=[], siblings=[], style=Style{hasParent=false, color=null, bold=null, italic=null, underlined=null, obfuscated=null, clickEvent=null, hoverEvent=null, insertion=null}}: Unsupported format: '%'


Anyone know what to do?

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Never just randomly op people who you don't know. Do what Minipixel said.

1 hour ago, Minipixel said:

If It's still not letting you join follow this

DANGER ZONE -> Repair Files


By clicking that it may cause data loss and clicking it you agree to what may happen.


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