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1.16.1 glitch



This is kind of a new and confusing glitch I experienced when I joined my friends.

1. Last time I played, I left in the nether. So, now I'm stuck in the old nether version while my friends play the new one. I know, sounds confusing. Is there anyway I can fix it?

2. Breaking and opening doors: I can't break blocks near my home, but I can break blocks near my friends home. I can't open the doors to my home either and place blocks near it. The hell? I also can't open my door and trapdoor.

If any of you know how to fix this or have an idea, I'm all ears.

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To answer question 1: You should make an attempt to leave the old nether and then tell your friend to delete the old nether's world if it hasn't already been deleted. If there is only one nether world in the server, then I believe all new chunks are registered as 1.16 chunks. If there are two nether worlds, then you should delete the old one and restart the server. This can be done using either the /delete command ingame or using the file editor in the Minehut panel.

To answer question 2: The Minehut panel has a spawn protection setting under the Settings tab. If you are too close to spawn then you will be unable to modify the spawn protection region.

This should solve both your problems, but I'm not 100% sure as I am no expert and the way you have describe your problems is very vague. Have a nice day 🙂

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Hi I'm Henry, owner of multiple unsuccessful servers


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