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Region files and accidental deletion, nether help?



Hello, so I made a backup of my nether, as I wanted to trim it, and then trimmed it using MCAselector. I then took that file, and deleted the "region" folder (in the nether folder, in DIM -1) and made a new one in the Minehut file manager page. Unfortunately, I found out that I couldn't upload the .mca file, which was the file type that I deleted and wanted to replace.


Did what I do delete the nether landscape, do something wrong, or just do nothing? Also, I know there is a way to upload worlds, is there a way to upload a nether save?  If I need to, me and my friends can deal with a restarted nether, but I would like to be able to upload the save.

I've worked on this SMP for around 5 months and if anyone could help that would be great!


Edit: So basically, I went into the nether and no portal spawned, I was opped, as I was sorting out the stuff, so i went into spectator, and I was in a block and there were no other portals around. It was the 1.16 nether, but no portals. I had to get back by doing /worlds, and I've tried other portals and it does the same thing. Plz help!



Ok so i just deleted it because I have a tight schedule so the nether is just reset

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Went into nether, then just reset.....
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