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Spiderlogical and Vinixs are twins | Conspiracy

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Hello everyone! Happy Friday, unless it isn't Friday. Today we'll be covering a fan request: Spiderlogical and Vinixs are twins. Let's start out with the basics: names. Spiderlogical is 13 letters while Vinixs is 6. This would be devastating if it ended here, however, it won't. The nickname Spider is an abbreviation for their name. Spider happens to be, you guessed it, 6 letters. Let's continue by looking at their forums history. They both joined on June 10th, 2019, which would be unusual if that weren't a very common join date. Vinixs has 114 rep and Spider has 62. 114-62 = 52. 5+2=7. 7 is the amount of days in a week, while 52 is the amount of weeks in a year. This is crazy that it would line up to give us calendar facts, however why? Let's dive deeper. Vinixs (6 letters) + Spider (6 letters) = 12 letters. 12 are the amount of months in a year. Ok, this is random trivia information about the year which could only relate to either calendar information or the weather. I'm going to assume that they don't make calendars. Spider has said the word weather 5 times in the Minehut Discord. 5 as in 5 moderators were promoted in his wave. This doesn't seem to connect at all. Vinixs has said  the word weather 3 times in the Discord. 5 times 3 = 15 - 3 = 12. 12 once again can be found by adding the 6 and 6 together. Thank you for reading. I've gotta admit, this was a bit more of a difficult conspiracy, but I was at least able to make it through. Leave a like if you enjoyed, and I'll see y'all next time.

- Jackson

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