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hello everyone

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Hello everyone my name is CyberRyan15 as my ingame name on minecraft and ive been playing minehut for 2 years or so but, anyway i love to go host new server on minehut and make minehut a better place to have people on and hosting free servers my most difficult part of me is scripting things and what i do most on minecraft is play minehut help people on their server make them feel welcome to a a nice server as for the new people to minehut i treat them with respect and kindness i make sure to make them feel like their welcome to the server and my most favorite thing is helping out with people making servers the best place to be mostly minehut because there is a lot of nice servers you can go on to make people feel like they have hope in making their own first server for the 1st time and now i am a lot more use full to help people out in their servers to make sure they safe and protected by mean people btw im a very good builder i love to build on servers to make it look nice and i like to administrate servers like minehut to help out make minehut a better and a clean server hosting place so people can come on without mean people bulling them so yeh i love doing that so what i mostly do outside of minehut and minecraft is, running, biking, swimming, and a lot more that i like to do now that i am making minehut a better and cleaner place for people to join and make their own server to host with in minehut. Thank you all so much!


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