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/give mob command issues with attributes



So I usually start little events in my server where i spawn customized mobs, but for some reason egg versions of the mob will not have the correct attributes. Im not sure why. I use generators like https://minecraft.tools/en/spawn.php and https://www.gamergeeks.nz/apps/minecraft/mob-generator.

Ive used them before on my own worlds, and they were working perfectly fine.

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If you're going to do something like that, I suggest using command blocks to summon. There's a great website I use (https://mcstacker.net/), but both of yours seem to work as well. This may be a minehut error, but in the meantime, just use command blocks for the "/summon" command instead of an egg. It's also easier to modify the mob later and see the stats.

I exist 👀



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