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How to make a website with Minehut URL

Should Minehut have web hosting  

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I'm not sure if it's possible but does anyone know if it's possible to make a website through Minehut.  I'm guessing since it's Minecraft hosting it probably isn't possible. I want this so I can have a server and a website for the server with the same URL. I hope someone can help.

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2 hours ago, PandaChan said:

You can't, just look up how to create your own website.

Yeah, or use namelesshosting or whatever it is called. If you wanna make your own, I suggest theendlessweb.com and you should use Bootstrap to make the site look cool.

Hey there, I'm just that person that goes all out on everything 😂 I currently host an event called Minehut Mondays, where players compete for a reward. I have fully scripted SkyBlock and (with help) UHC. If you want a simple minigame set up feel free to message me here or on Discord Ezekia#1234 🙂




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Unfortunately Minehut does not offer web hosting.

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