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TacticalModz Corruptivity


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Hey everyone, I'm writing this to inform you on how corrupt TacticalModz is. This topic will most likely be locked because tactical doesn't want people to know this. Today I got on minehut for the first time in a while and decided to play it a fair amount, I stumbled across ValkNet, which I was a former build team member for, upon joining Tactical joined within seconds and blacklisted me forever after I asked to talk to him. For a little bit of background about half a year ago before I stopped being active in this community I was working for tactical and we were all good. I had joined the server one day and tactical had said "He sure likes to swear", I said "Thats me" because I was a known swearer and had been warned numerous times on my foul language amongst the server. He was talking about someone who had been saying ethnic and homophobic slurs, after explaining to him and even offering to prove it he said he believed me, but oh was he wrong he went nuts after a minute or two. After this Tactical then began to launch a full blown argument and called me and my friends "furrys", there will be an attachment for proof below. Even with his staff informing his it was false and I had just made a stupid thoughtless comment he still persisted. There was even evidence of him moving while I was talking on the 2 separate servers. At this point none of this matters. I just want to see tactical being hated for his abuse and his corruption in this community. Thank you for coming to my ted talk!





Tactical, send me a discord message TwixTwaxGoSnap#9127


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