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update to 1.16.1



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You can look at minehut's announcement


1.16 Update

Minehut has updated to allow 1.16 clients to connect. All servers still run on 1.15.2.

- All fun new 1.16 features are not supported yet

- 1.16 clients will likely see issues like broken doors and other small bugs. We recommend playing on 1.15.2

Next Steps

Once Spigot and enough plugins update, we'll update to full 1.16 support. Until then, you'll have to kill OG zombie pigmen.



1.16.1 Update

Minehut has updated to allow 1.16.1 clients to connect. This is the same deal as yesterday: Server are staying on 1.15.2 until spigot updates to 1.16.1 but you can now play using a 1.16.1 client.



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