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1.16 is out on minehut yeyey


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1.16.1 Update Info minecraft 

Minecraft has updated to 1.16.1! Some things you might want to know about the update: 

All servers still run on 1.15.2, but can allow 1.16 clients to connect. If you want versions older than that to connect, you'll need to install Protocol Support or the Via plugins.

- All fun new 1.16 features are not supported yet
- 1.16 clients will likely see issues like broken doors and other small bugs. We recommend playing on 1.15.2

Our Update Process
We depend on Spigot and other plugins. We're watching them closely and waiting for them to update. Minehut tries to update to the latest version as soon as we safely can to unlock the new vanilla features for everyone.


Vip (Unknown) >> Jr.Mod 30/10/2019 >> Mod 30/12/2019

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