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Uploading Problem



I have tried uploading the same exact world like 6 times now and I really don't know why it doesn't work. I found the site with the upload tutorial and did everything exactly the same and I tried file.io even that was broken. I'm just trying to play my singleplayer world with my friend and this is really annoying especially because the world is like 250mb and my upload speed is 2mbps or lower it takes forever to upload and right now I am desperate. The first 2 times I tried uploading the damn server kept going into hibernation and stopping my upload, but that doesn't really matter anyways because even when the progress bar finishes and disappears the world doesn't get uploaded. Could somebody tell me if it's a problem on my side or is it the server itself and if it is on my side how do i fix it.

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Uploading Worlds First off, make a zip containing all the files inside of the world folder. You can do this by selecting all the files and "archiving" or "zipping" all the files. Afterwards, there's 2 different methods you can take to upload the world. Please be sure you don't name your world with any spaces. First Method (500MB limit) 1. Upload the world zip to a file upload website. We recommend you use https://file.io/ but you can also use Google Drive and MediaFire. 2. Get the direct download link to the file. If you're using a service like file.io, you can do this by simply clicking the "Copy Link" file. 3. Run the command /ul world <worldname> <direct link> in your server. (ex: ' /ul world myworld https://www.file.io/%60 '). Second Method (50MB limit) 1. Go to your server's panel and click the World tab on the website. 2. Under Upload World, you'll see a button called "Choose File" which you will need to click on. 3. Select the .zip file from your computer and then click on Open Once the world is uploaded, you can teleport to it using /worlds or /world. :paperclip: https://youtu.be/AeJ71A3-6pg :minehut: https://forums.minehut.com/topic/17730-faq-how-to-upload-and-download-worlds/

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