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Nether Update



So as many know, the Nether Update came out today. My friends and I want the warped forest and such to be present so we can advance our buildings. I've deleted the nether world file, I've restarted the server, and I've tried f3 + T, I've looked at other questions similar to mine, but nothings working. Piglins are showing up, I've gone into creative and the new items are in the inventory, however in survival we are not able to craft chains which is a part of the update. Are there other things I can do or should I take my server I have now and re upload it to a different one or are we forced to start over? Any answer to help is welcomed. Thank you!

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Minehut has updated to allow 1.16 clients to connect. All servers still run on 1.15.2. All fun new 1.16 features are not supported yet. Once enough plugins are updated and support 1.16, Minehut will update all player servers to 1.16. You can try creating a new nether world with a world management plugin and deleting the old one

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In order to connect to a playerserver via 1.16, the playerserver must have ViaVersion installed. This doesn't mean that 1.16 features are enabled on that playerserver.

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