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I decided to make some changed to the world as saved it to prepare for the nether update and when I logged back into the world it was a different world. I got the same problem again. Is there a way you could fix it. This was the last message I sent when this happened before "I decided to change my server difficulty after about a week of playing and then when  logged on afterwards it was a different world and we had nothing. It's like we spawned in a whole new sever. And it is the same server I checked so I don't know whats wrong." Can you please help?

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1 hour ago, nullific said:

I suggest you backup your world regularly via /dl world worldname or a Forge client with a world downloader mod.

alright, I'l do that, but is there a way to get the world to come back? It still hasn't. Last time it came back in like a few hours, it's been a day this time. Any way I could contact an owner of like minehut or something like that? Or would you know how to fix it?

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