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Player broke server and i need admins to fix



Hey! I am a server owner for a small friend group of mine. They are all opped in case they need to /tp (which is allowed) or use spectator for 1v1s and stuff. One of my friends who admits he has the big dumb set the randomtickspeed to 9999999 and it crashed the server. I cannot edit this without file access, which minehut restricts. Help?

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If you'd like, you can go into the danger zone and hit "Repair Files."
See if this helps.

You could also try opening up the server from within the Minehut Lobby and, when it opens up, type in "gamerule randomTickSpeed 1" to the server console





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hi there, basically once the server is starting up spam the command i've left after this message into the server console box under appearance tab on your dasboard. i suggest you copy and paste using CTRL + C(copy) then CTRL + V(paste). Spam it into the console(paste repeatedly and press ENTER) Remember to NOT use a / when using the console: gamerule randomTickSpeed 3

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