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kjpaka's being toxic appeal


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I recently have been told by many people that i'm toxic and mean. If you get to know me i'm not really that bad. However, i am going to change and become nicer. Also, by the way when I said "i like morgz" i was trolling etc. So basically i'm sorry for being toxic in general and will be nicer and positive.


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Advanced at Skript - Know a lot about running a server 

If you need help with anything contact me @ KJPAKA#0001


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If someone has to get to know you to realize you're not toxic (which you still would be, considering most people think so), that's part of the issue. 🤷‍♀️

Minehut Manager & Support Specialist 🎮 
I'm an Animal Crossing: New Horizons pro gamer 🌅


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No I have to get to know them to decide if I like them or not neutral respect falls in the middle... my question is it toxic to call someone toxic because then how can you be positive if you're calling people toxic assuming their levels of negativity off of someone's meanness to a person they don't like then you in tern would be continuing the chain of toxicity because you are being mean to them because you don't like them. 

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