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Username: VelumPrismic

What punishment did you receive: I received a Ban and a Mute. I received a mute first then used an auto clicker so I got a ban.

Was the punishment fair: Yes.

Why should you be unpunished: I think I should be unpunished because I promise to never use it every again and I'd really like to play the server. I'm sorry that I used an auto clicker as one of the top players. I'm very sorry.  I will never do this again. I promise.

What were the events that led to your punishment: I used an auto clicker that gave me 14 cps.

Additional comments: I'll remove my auto clicker and never hack on the server I promise, I was banned more than 6 months ago and now I miss the community and like to play.

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Appeal denied. Thank you for taking the time to write an appeal, but I do not think you are being completely honest in this appeal. You also failed to mention that you also ban evaded. And considering the grammar mistakes in this appeal, it shows that you do not mean what you say. You may appeal again in 2 weeks and hopefully, you will take the time to write out a thoughtful appeal. Leaving this appeal open for 24 hours before closing.

Discord: Unburnable#0602
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