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Server stuck on starting.



Hey there, I'm trying to start my server but it just sits there on Starting... and then stops and goes into hibernation. Idk what the problem is because I can't see the console. Please help!


Edit: The server IP is hellowbr.minehut.gg

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Added server IP just in case.
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8 minutes ago, hellow123 said:

I don't think so. It did start happening after I got DiscordSRV though, so I'll see if that's the problem.

Check server logs to try to distinguish what the problem is. 

How to access logs:

Go to the File Manager section by clicking the File Manager button at the top right side on your panel. Click the folder called Logs then from there you can access the file latest.log. From here, you can try to search for any problems that may be occurring. If you can't seem to find out any problems, then try contacting support here.

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