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The toxic waste of mlum.


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Mlum was server created early 2020 by a player known as tylertheyoshi, its a ripoff of the server escapist  where you're a prisoner in a prison and you try to escape. its a good idea and a fun server, but the part that makes it unplayable is the moderation, many players have been banned for zero reason at all and some have been banned for clicking 10 cps or for a 4 block combo.

I was banned for defending a player who was false banned for "reach" when the proof they posted was clearly a combo, not only from the discord, but from the server.

a mod also had gore in their profile picture which violated the server rules and the admins never did anything about it.

I am pretty upset that i was banned for doing little to nothing over discord when i have over 2 days of playtime and made many friends.


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