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Server won't start



Hi my server won't stop it says "Unzipping" 😢 i work sooooo hard on my server and it won"t start i can't join plz reply me plz IP: SkriptTES7.minehut.gg /join SkriptTES7 (and "re"-go in hibernation 

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Hey! Make sure you're posting in the right forums - I've moved it to the help forums.

As for not starting, I'd recommend trying to join from in-game instead:
1. Connect to minehut.com on Minecraft
2. Type /join yourservername then wait 2 minutes while you're connected to your server
3. If you're not connected, type /join yourservername again to be connected.

If you can't connect to your server this way, please submit a support ticket (here: https://minehut.com/support/form) let us know if you get an error in the chat. You'll be redirected to the Minehut lobby, and there should be an error in the chat. Let us know the full error in your ticket.

Minehut Manager & Support Specialist 🎮 
I'm an Animal Crossing: New Horizons pro gamer 🌅


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