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Creating private friend server had a few questions


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So i was going to create a server for all my friends to play on, and we all agreed on a 1.15.2 hacked server, i was hoping to use minehut as our computers dont have enough storage to run a server and play mc at the same time, we also didnt want to buy a server. So, i was wondering, would it be ok for us to create this server, friends only, everyone on a hacked client, not bothering any other servers, or does minehut have an anticheat that spreads across every server created? I was hoping we could do this on minehut as, again, we dont have good enough pcs and other server hostings arent as good.
Basically my question is: can we have a server on minehut that we can hack on privately or would minehut not allow that?


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You can do this, but keep in mind if you're hacking/cheating on another server, server owners may not appreciate it and they're welcome to ban you whenever they want.

As for a private server, remember to set the server as unlisted on your server dashboard, then turn on a whitelist (and add your friends!) if you don't want anyone else joining.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask here or our community support forum: https://forums.minehut.com/forum/11-help/

Our discord is also a pretty cool place 🙂 

Minehut Manager & Support Specialist 🎮 
I'm an Animal Crossing: New Horizons pro gamer 🌅


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