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Anti Drop Skript


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Alright, so we need an anti drop skript


Lag is absurd even with a 3 minute clearlag skript and 6 gb ram.


Need to limit drops a lot, clearlag is minimum taking 300 entities every 3 minutes.


All i need is something that sends items when u break straight to your inventory not dropping on the ground.


pls help server gonna shrivel and die soon

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i can make a skript depending on what server you have because its more than jsut

on break:
    cancel event

    give player 1 of event block

cuz that would do stuff not supposed ot happen like breaking leaves and other things where it requires silk touch to get

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you could download the clearlag plugin as it helps a lost, also you should check out timings (which measure how well the server is processing everything), it's one of the best ways to find out what's causing it.

To enable timings you need to run /timings on, when you experience lag use /timings paste and then go to the page sent to you, it will show you information regarding what's causing the most lag. You can check https://www.spigotmc.org/wiki/timings/ for more info

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30 minutes ago, Nomthellama said:

how do i get a clearlag skript

without using the plugin


Found this in less than 10 seconds. There are more out there you just need to look in the right places 🙂

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