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Prefix Trouble



I started off my server using pex and I set up the basics. Then i switched to luckperms because I found it easier to use. After I redid all of my perms and prefixes it is being kind of weird. When I join it says [Admin] Phill310 join the game even though I have the [Owner] prefix. When I talk in chat it works correctly. I also have the [Admin] prefix in tab and above my character. I have a feeling it has to do with pex still displaying stuff but i am not sure. If anyone could help it would be great. 


Screenshot (110).png

Screenshot (111).png

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4 hours ago, iGalaxy said:

Make sure you've uninstalled PEX, so you're only using one permission plugin.

I tried uninstalling pex. I made sure that all of the files that pex made also got deleted. The problem is still happening so i might be something else.

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