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making pictues of your server with shaders

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Hello there!


I'm kmpie and i can make photos for ur server,

Now u mabey ask why?? Beacuse i like to do it,  and not every computer can handle shaders!




1 - 2 Photo's  -  Free!

2 - 5 Photo's  -  0,50$

5 - 10 Photo's  -  1$

10 - 20 Photo's  -  1,50$

20 - 50 Photo's  -  2$

(i only accept PayPal)

Shaders that u can choose: bsl, Seus, Kuda


TO MAKE A ORDER DM ME ON DISCORD kimpiegamesyt#0001





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This seems like it shouldn't be payed for, yes not everyone has spicy spicy computer but also the shaders are free, if they weren't free shaders I could see why more than 2 pictures would cost money, but you're selling a service that is easy for everyone to do and uses free software


💬 » Discord: @reportcards


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