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RPG Xp System Skript


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on mine of any ore:
  add 1 to {xp.%player%}
  send action bar "&r+1 XP &8| &r+1 BALANCE" to player
  add 1 to player's balance

on death:
  attacker is a player:
    victim is an entity:
      add 1 to {xp.%attacker%}
      send action bar "&r+1 XP &8| &r+1 BALANCE" to attacker
      add 1 to attacker's balance

every 0.1 tick:
  loop all players:
    if {xp.%loop-player%} = {xpmax.%loop-player%}:
      add 1 to {level.%loop-player%}
      clear {xp.%loop-player%}

command /stats:
    send "&8============================================" to player
    send "&7Xp: &r%{xp.%player%}% &7/ &r%{xpmax.%player%}%" to player
    send "&7Current Level: &r%{level.%player%}%" to player
    send "&8============================================" to player

Didn't test this yet. But I'm kind of sure that no errors will occur.


- Skript

- SkQuery (Optional)

- Skellet (Optional)




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All in all looks like a pretty simple skript but

every 0.1 tick:

is not a good idea, especially with multiple players being on the server. Maybe add it as a function instead or just let it loop around every few seconds and not every tick.

It would be 256952237757169664.png.d18a09670746c6c6079d9c16a0ee3647.png if you could upvote my post if you found it helpful.


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