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Can someone help me with my server plan? it's not working



I'm on the MH720 (lowest monthly minehut plan) and it's registering the plugins as unlimited and everything.


Except my player count.


It's still limiting me to 10 players, and it says that from the console on that server, but when i go to server plans it shows as one of them being free the other being MH720 (which is correct) but it's not showing.


Please help this is kind of a big deal seeing as the main reason we got the plan was for more players.

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Did you set your player slots in your server settings? If not then go to the "Max Players" spot in the Settings menu on the dashboard. 


Just in case you need here's a small gif 


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Hello, I'm Eliza or also known as ReportCards, I create servers and make Discord bots

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