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Scythefarm Hacked.



Hello guys!


I am a reverse engineer (cool word for a hacker) and i am NOT the server owner of Scythefarm.

The question i have is, is it posibble to lose data if there are hackers forcing the server to go into hibernate mode?

Because this is what the server owner told me.


Greetings, Gersom.

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I have already talked with Gersom about the situation and we don't have to discuss this here anymore since I already have a threat open on this issue. I have talked with mutiple moderators and so you can close this thread. I also did NOT tell you that the server was hacked. You asked me if the minehut mainframe had been hacked and I didnt know so I just said "maybe but im not sure". And as nullific said, servers can actually lose data if the server gets thrown into hibernate in a forceful way. The server was also online at the moment.

You we're even so desperate at ruining my reputation that you sent this to multiple people in my discord server which I find very unprofessional. The server will be online by this weekend. I hope you will enjoy your stay on ScytheFarm 

This image was made by me, and Im proud of it


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