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when i'm thinking about making OG server names, i think about what my server is going to be about and how it can relate to the name and/or make the server unique to others. when my ideas are lackluster, i look up 'unique words list' or something along the lines of that and just scroll through them, looking up the definitions of words i think roll off the tongue nicely or have similar themes to what i have in mind for my server. doing this gives me lots of new ideas for my server and the lore. sometimes i have to go through multiple sites to find the perfect word, but nonetheless it's satisfying when you get it. 

for example, an anarchy server could be called 'vagarious' instead of 'anarchy123'. (the google definition for vagarious is 'erratic and unpredictable in behavior or direction') another example, i like how the duping server 'cloner' separates itself from other duping servers by not using the word dupe in the name but a similar word like cloner, so people still know that, "hey, this is a duping server."

i don't have any names up my sleeve for you, but i hope my advice has helped somehow? 



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Usually what I do to get a decent server name is to search up synonyms of the gamemode you're trying to create. I try and grab a word that's clean and memorable. So say for example you want to make a fighting server. You can search up Fighting and you'll get a synonym like "Combat" or along those lines. If they're taken keep trying. Usually theirs a few available.

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