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New Minehut API Discord Bot (beta)


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Hey everyone, i decided to make a discord bot that implements minehut's api.

This bot is heavily in early access.



- API Checking (Offline/Offline).

- Useful commands listed below.

- LIVE! Minehut Chat (Get a live chat of minehut) #minehutchat


Current Commands:

!skin <name> - Get's the current skin of a user's minecraft profile.

!info <server> - Gets some information about a minehutserver


Upcoming commands:

!livechat <server> - Shows a live chat of a server (Disconnects after 10m)

!status - Returns if the minehut website/api is online.

!advertise <server> <description> - Advertise your own minehut server



1) Will this bot ever be made public?

1a) Yes, but in the meantime heavy work needs to be made, for example converting it over to javascript + cleaning up code.


2) How does the bot work?

2a) The bot works by using minehut's api, and pulling info from certain subdomains.


3) How do i make a bot like this?

3a) Sorry, i can't disclose the code on this bot, however once fully release the source code will be made public on a github page.



- If you have any commands/useful information you would like being added the bot, please dont be afraid to personally message me on discord: volt#5768. However there are limitations on what the bot can display (e.g Personal User Information).


The bot invite server: https://discord.gg/RZ6Zkk9


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This seems great! Can't wait to see any progress made on this amazing endeavor.

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