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Its Free but you still have to pay the benefit the server


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Minehut needs to pay their hosting in someway, this is not free. Also, you can perfectly make a good, working server without paying. First off, learn how to skript (takes about 3 months to get decent at), second, if you are talking about max amount of players, you can use one of your 12 plugins for BuyCraft, and then use that money, to reinvest with the server.

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I mean, would you complain if you had to buy everything at a set price instead? Probably not, but since people have the liberty of having a baseline free server, it almost seems kind of unfair that that's how things are, that you have to purchase things. That being said, consider the alternative- and the fact that SLG needs to make some money off of Minehut for it to even be worth maintaining.

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Hosting servers is not cheap whatsoever. Regarding paying for things, much of this can be easily overcome with a little work on your end. Skript is a powerful option to create whatever plugins you'd like without having to download them. You still have 12 free plugin slots which gives you ample opportunity for customization. As always, if you feel too restricted, you don't have to use the service. The current offering works for a lot of players but if it doesn't for you, that's understandable. You can even upgrade your plan just by voting every day for a month. 


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