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How do i get my server back?



So this player named "CaeserianShift" came into my server, and i asked, "how do i change permissions in Advancedban? Im the server owner and i cant use it" and so a conversation followed, i gave him op, then he tried to deop me and i quickly re opped both of us and then he permbanned me. FROM MY VERY OWN SERVER. i removed the plugin advancedbans and restarted the server. Didnt work. i reset the world, tried using the console command section to try to de op him. Once again, didnt work. my free server that this happened on is "1152bees.minehut.gg"

and my minecraft user is CDRedstone. I was in lobby asking people how to unban myself, then CaeserianShift started spamming my chat with bot messages, varying from, "say sorry! [dahihsduashdw2436632wdssada6d8as6]" "your server is now mine! [dsasd5as75dasd5sa7d57as5d7asdsadasdsa755ds7fdsfsd]" Is there a way i can permban CaeserianShift from my server and unban myself? If someone can help me, please notify me!

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