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random item plugin?

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Im making my own server and im trying to give all players a random item each every like 8 seconds and a way to toggle it individually. ive found this on another server but i cant get hold of the skript. if anyone has it please tell me 🙂 by the way the toggle per player isnt necessary anyway itd just be a good touch 🙂 if its too hard itll be easier to probably make it toggled for the whole server but that is your choice if anyone made it please reply. also if there is a way to remove/exclude items from the random in config also add that please

+ the server i found with it is "dudespvp"

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Hi, I do not believe there are any plugins available on minehut that are what you are describing, but I was able to come up with a skript that I believe is similar to the one that you are asking for.

every 8 seconds in "world": # IF YOUR WORLD NAME IS DIFFERENT THAN "world", MAKE SURE TO CHANGE THIS!!!
	loop all players:
		if {items::%loop-player%} is on:
			give loop-player a random item out of all items
command /toggleitems:
		if {items::%player%} is off:
			set {items::%player%} to on
			message "&8[&a!&8] &7Toggled random items on!"
			set {items::%player%} to off
			message "&8[&a!&8] &7Toggled random items off!"

If a player wants to toggle their items on or off, they can use the command /toggleitems.

If your world name is different than world, make sure to change this in the first line of the skript.

Hope this helped!

Currently working on a vs code extension for editing server files

  • yes jeelzzz, i do support this vsc code extension - Reassembly
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