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Random Creep Came Into My Server Uninvited!!

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Ok a creepy dude came into my server. He threatened me and my friends, broke my stuff, demanded to be put in creative or he would kill my puppers. Thankfully as he was attacking, he did not realize that my dogs were invincible. (Phew! Glad I made them like that!!!) He said he wanted to build a luxury house. I can put up screenshots. Sorry I don't have more, the earliest ones disappeared with more talk in the chat. Please be wary of him, I don't want more people scared and creeped out. His username is HoeThassJames.







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Glad to hear the doggos are ok! I recommend just whitelisting your server to not allow unwanted guests in. This can be done by doing /whitelist on and /whitelist add (username) to allow people in. Make sure that you're opped while doing so! I'll link two tutorials below

Hope this helps!

- Jackson

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Ah, okay. Thank you for that info! I will do that now. I am already an operator.

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