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Soooooo basically I made a bet with LogicalSpider that if I reached 100 reputation on the forums, I'd post a face reveal. Tbh i wasn't expecting to hit it this quick but you guys are pretty cool so I guess it's only fair you see my face o.O


 October 9th, 2017

Here's a picture of me and my little sister vibing hard



March 16th, 2020

Wouldn't be fair of me to only post an outdated picture of myself, so here's a more recent picture of me and a cool dude from one of our last days in high school



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Now this is epic


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Discord: thistle#1625
In Game: thistl

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gamer moment x 1000000000000000000000

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Advanced at Skript - Know a lot about running a server 

If you need help with anything contact me @ KJPAKA#0001


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Wait shoot, I forgot I legally have to say nice face on every face reveal.

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See I can achieve stuff what I would like to lmao.


Solid face though! I'm ready for the next challenge Mr @Vinixs

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👉  If I provide help to you why not leave a like to support me! 👈

👉  You can contact me on discord as my DMs are always open to provide help!  👈

👉  Discord; LogicalSpider#6972 👈

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9 hours ago, Vinixs said:

bro why you gotta expose me like that 👀

sorry bro let's pretend i was lying 😳

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if you see this, you are deemed nerdy

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Website Developer - Graphic Designer - Skript Developer - Professional Builder

Been on Minehut since January 2018. Throughout my time here I've mastered the skills you see above. I develop pretty static websites when I'm bored. I make free logos, banners, and server art for users on Minehut. I'm a proficient Skript developer. I'm also really good at building, you can see my portfolio by clicking here. Feel free to say hi if you see me somewhere 🙂

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