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[JRMOD] The Application Process


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[JR.MOD] Application Process

Welcome to the application process section. The server we've produced expects the highest quality

staff members that we can find. We have multiple stages you must go through in order to get your Trial Phase

being Junior Moderator. We don't just let people in off just an application as we believe it's important to further inspect

the individual applying to make sure they're going to be a good fit for our staff team.



What is "The Process" ?

You're application will be reviewed under our Management team which includes Senior Moderators and above. If we believe your application is worthy of moving forward into our so called "staff process" we will then send you a link to a private group. Between the period of you being in the process - trial phase (or if you get kicked out of the process) we will be examining how you work with others, your social skills, leadership skills and how much knowledge you have on Minehut and Medals. Below I've put the stages you must go through in order to obtain your Trial Phase.

The First Wave

Background check



I've wrote a section on all of these 4 stages below.


The First Wave

The first wave is pretty self explanatory - Our applications are done in waves. For example there will be a certain time period where you will have a chance to submit an application towards the server. Each application will be replied once the applications close. Each of the accepted applicants will be invited to a private discord. What happens in this discord must be kept to yourself and never be told between people. We also would advise you not to share the result you got or ask staff to read your application, this will and can be resulted in an auto-deny.


Background Check

Before progressing to your interview you'll be given time to socialize with other accepted applicants and our current Moderation team. We will be doing a brief background check on you based off of what you said in your application. If you we're caught lying you will be kicked from the discord and possibly punished in-game. That's why we advise you to speak honestly in your application.


The Interview

Once you've passed the Background Check stage an interview will be organised at a suitable time for both the interviewer and interviewee. It's important that whilst you wait for the upcoming interview that you take time to revise the servers rules and play the server to get used to how it feels and gain more information off of it. This Interview is nothing to worry about and shouldn't last long. The questions asked won't all be about the server but about you as a person. So we advise you to stay calm going into the interview as we don't want you to rush what you're saying. I will be interviewing you as well and I would like to believe I'm quite a calm and friendly person. On occasions other staff members might have to sub in or join the interview, if there's a problem with that please let us know.



If you haven't been kicked out of the process then you've made it to your trial phase. Your trial phase will be a 2 week trial as a Junior Moderator. You will be frequently tested as this role and we will track your activity and progression as a Jr.Mod over these 2 weeks. It's important that as a Junior Moderator that your mature and follow any updates / commandments we ask you to do. We also would like you to be active on all platforms that being the server, discords and the forums club. After your 2 weeks trial phase ends as a Junior Moderator we will decide whether to discontinue you from our staff team, retain your position as Junior Moderator and run another 2 weeks phase and if you progressed well then promote you to Moderator.


Hopefully you have a grip of what our process is like so if you ever get accepted into it you know what you expect.

Like I said previously its important you follow these guidelines as they'll give you an advantage over other applicants.

Planning on applying - click here





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