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[JRMOD] Application Writing Guide


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Below you you can find a forecast of tips for you to implement into your application. Following this

section should give you an advantage over other applicants who did not follow this guideline. We would advise you

to read through this section and our other sections before applying for Jr Mod.

For any queries relating to this please feel free to message me on discord - @Chilkins#0001 



What do we expect from your application?

We would like you to spend a wealthy length of time working on this application. It's important you put time into it to show that you really aspire to become a valuable part of the server. We wan't the best out of our staff team. Below I've listed how you should go about making your application.

 don't rush your application - spend time on it and revise questions if necessary.

be honest in what you're saying - honesty is very important. Don't lie about being staff on a previous server / not telling us about punishments you've been dealt on previous servers, this can resolve in an auto-deny

make sure you're well revised on the rules of the server - when you apply you apply to give assistance to players. If you apply for the nice tag or just due to the popularity of the  server we will find out in time. It's important you're able to give assistance to players by knowing the server well.

• have a clean record on the server - We want our staff to set a good example within our community so not having a clean record can result in your application being denied but we will be lenient to

please format the application nicely and keep spelling errors to a minimum - for people who's first language might not be English you can check your spelling on grammarly, I've provided a link to the website. (https://app.grammarly.com/)

Make your application unique.

We wan't to see your application, not an application written by someone from another server / network. When compiling your application feel free to add images of proof that you we're staff on a specific server etc. We also would advise you to do your application on your own. Refrain from asking other individuals to assist you on an answer to a question as it wouldn't be accurate and correctly mirror what you would actually write.


Keeping your application private.

It's important that you keep your application private and to yourself. If we hear back that you're telling people about it then it shows that you aren't capable of holding information which is important on our staff team as exclusive information will be shared amidst our staff team. It's also important that you don't leak / tell anyone about the process you wen't through if you make it through to the Interview stage. If  you share any information on this stage you will be blacklisted which means no appeals, you also won't ever receive an unban if we decide to do an unban all. For more information on the process click here, where we display and inform you about what happens if you do get accepted.


Thanks for taking the time to read through the Medals Junior Moderation role writing guide. We hope to see you some day working for our server. Please make sure you remember the vital parts above. and if you feel you're ready to apply then click the link below.

click here

But with that being said on behalf of the staff team we wish you the best of luck on applying.

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