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How to use Google


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Want to know the rules?
Need to open a support ticket?
Have a question about some specific plugin? s3.PNG.759888b74bd0bb93fca3c5478dd1b058.PNG
Want to learn how to skript? s4.PNG.c217467215ba601280b75180fc8253af.PNG
Even for the dumbest questions Google's got yous5.PNG.738c334928e72072ff3b48430003a033.PNG
The amount of time you would save by learning to use google rather than ask staff and players repeatedly until they answer or point you to a place to get help that is findable with 5 minutes of looking around is massive.

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1 hour ago, Ruffen said:

You open Bing s6.PNG.62a43ba090bc1be9a77c6a3f6ff609b4.PNG

My computer currently does not run Bing, and it has this weird Pakistanian browser thingy. I can't understand anything on it, and everything I type on it becomes weirdly highlighted. How would I seek assistance from here?




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