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Enchanted item custom crafting help.


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Hello, so I admit, I did not know where to put this, either in the help section or in this section so XD.

I am making a server with a lot of custom items. But there is one problom, I can't put enchants on the custom item. Here is the code for one of the pickaxes I want an enchant on.

on load:

    register new shaped recipe for 1 diamond pickaxe named "&dUltimate Pickaxe" with lore "&7Ultimate Pickaxe &d- SurvioCraft" with fortune enchant.level.1 using diamond pickaxe, diamond pickaxe, diamond pickaxe, air, stick, air, air, stick, air


When I load the script, it says it does not understand the condition/effect then shows the line shown above.

I would like a solution, I have tried replacing 
fortune enchant.level.11 to fortune I and words similar to that, but it just does not work.

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Do you have the ad-don sk-bee it has sk-recipe in it which is needed.


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