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Bedrock bugs



I have so many bugs to report on minehut bedrock, my survival server goes above the nether and on bedrock u cant place blocks above the nether and that totally glitched it out.

The weakness effect from the lobby carried on into the game, I couldnt see my air amount while swimming and my skins and custom head plugins didnt work. 

(EDIT) Bedrock can only use the off-hand for shields, maps, and totems of undying, how will this play out? And with redstone too. And on bedrock you cant have banners on shields.

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The bedrock compatibility is still in beta and we're aware there are a few bugs here and there. Most of the bugs we cannot deal with due to a plugin issue. The other bugs will be worked on in the near future. 



[MOD] thedangs

Discord - thedangs#1377

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