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GUI Border Function


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A function that draws a border in a gui.

Made for the TuSKe GUI system.

function border(user: player, rows: number, borderItem: item):
	# user : The player to draw the border for.
	# rows : The number of rows the GUI has.
	# borderItem : The item to draw the border with.
	format gui slot (numbers from 0 to 8) of {_user} with {_borderItem}
	loop ({_rows} - 2) times:
		format gui slot (((loop-value) * 9), and ((loop-value) * 9) + 8) of {_user} with {_borderItem}
	format gui slot (numbers from ({_rows} - 1) * 9 to (({_rows} - 1) * 9) + 8) of {_user} with {_borderItem}


border(player, 5, gray stained glass pane named "&8")


Edited by jeelzzz
Added usage

Currently working on a vs code extension for editing server files

  • yes jeelzzz, i do support this vsc code extension - Reassembly
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Nice math, though you could probably compact it even further by putting it all into one line 😳

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