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The world Just resetted itself.




I had a Server for +- one week. I built a server spawn and installed a couple of plugins. Today I joind my server. I spawn's In a forest, near the world spawn in survival mode. All what i built was gone .But the plugins are intact. I reastarted the server a cuple times but nothing changed.

This also happand to a frend of mine.

Is there any backup i can make or somethig.?

thanks for any help!

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This issue has been occurring to a few players recently and I would suggest making regular backups!


To make a backup do /dl world (world_name)


If this issue happens again you can simply upload the latest backup you have!


~~                                                                                                ~~

How to upload a world?
Name example: world_light or light
( NO capitals or spaces in world name use _ if you want a space.)
Name example: this_is_a_example_name

Zip the world folder... sample : ( https://gyazo.com/68b70a2fde003abc791cc2503b5c8494 ) then use any of the following 2 options:

Option 1; Use world settings to upload zip file and your world will be in /worlds
(make sure server is running while uploading and someone is online so dont go in hibernation). (world zip file limit 50mb max)

Option 2; Upload zipped world folder to a data site. Examples;(file.io,dropbox,transfer.sh)
(with file.io, the link can only be used once) 
(if use dropbox change end of link from dl=0 to dl=1)
then ingame chat type /ul world <world name> <link>
i.e /ul world wonder https://file.io/UWiZBg
(world file limit 500mb max)

You can use /worlds to see the worlds. No restarting required.
Tou will see the world with the prefix ul_<NAME> - (restart server if it doesn't show).

If you use multiverse it wont show until you import the world /mv import <world name> normal.

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