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Staff Applications Form

You must follow the application format and requirements below before applying!
Make sure you are in the discord before you apply!


Warning: Please read all information below before continuing.

Firstly, maturity is required. Abuse, inappropriate behaviour and immaturity greatly affect the server and its community. We value our players, and staff are needed to help improve their time on the server, not worsen it.

Secondly, asking managers to read your application, or others, will result in immediate denial. You may ask for help before it is submitted, but this is limited to direct messages with Managers. 

Thirdly, english is required, as this servers player base is mostly english speaking. We will diagnose your ability through your grammar, spelling and also your general language maturity [using "ur" instead of "your" will result in denial, as you lack the professionalism]. If you lie about your english speaking capabilities, you will be removed from the staff team, and potentially blacklisted.

Fourthly, the ability to record proof, including video capture and screenshots, is required. Without this, you will be unable to provide the evidence necessary in the case we need it. Before applying, check if your computer comes with built in capabilities (https://www.techradar.com/au/how-to/record-your-screen).

Furthermore, your punishments are checked. Less than 3 punishments are required to show that you are capable of following rules. More than 3 punishments will disprove your ability to follow rules, and will have negative effects on your application.

Finally, only players that have been in the discord, and on the server for enough time to have a great knowledge of the rules, a good relation with the community and the staff and the ability to prove their maturity and skills will be accepted to the staff team.

MineAlong is growing fast, and we need to have a reliable and quick-action staff team that are consistently on the server. 
Due to the list of requirements being quite small, we are extremely strict on those that are given.


Staff Applications Format (copy and paste)

Write YES if you have read the requirements. To prove so, how many punishments should you have:

IGN (ex: WomanOfWarAl):

Discord Name + Tag (ex: Zaney#0294😞

How old are you?:

What's your timezone? (https://www.timeanddate.com/time/map/, please use the provided abbreviations, and not the name of your city):

Current Rank and Prestige?:

Position you are applying for? (ex: JrMod):

Do you speak fluent english?:

Are you able to record proof?:

How many hours a week are you able to contribute on MineAlong?:

If you have staff on another server, please state the name, the highest player count, the position you were in, and how long you were there for. Please give a reason as to why you are no longer working there. If you have never been a staff member, please type N/A:

In no more than 500 words, outline why you should be selected to become a staff member on MineAlong:

How long have you been playing on the server? (You can find your playtime on statistics, or find your discord join date in #join-leave):

If you have applied for MineAlong before, what is the date of the previous application? (You can find the date, based off your denial in the #staff-results channel. If you have never applied, respond, n/a):

Anything else we should know?:


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