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/give command completely breaks and stops my server (I NEED HELP PLS)



Hello, i have a server that i have been running for a few months after it was initially deleted due to changing the name of it and restarting it (don't understand that logic but OK). So one day (recently) i did a TON of stuff on the server and nearing the end of the day, i was going to get it backed up. What instead happened was, one of my friends gave themselves a LARGE amount of dead bushes (trying to get a knock-back 100000 bush) and broke the server. The server froze, went down and we tried rejoining but only specific chunks will load and commands/chat will not work, i have tried killing all entities in the console, clearing all players, and ultimately decided that i can just use an older backup from a few days ago to fix the server problem. IT DIDNT... The server (after i clicked delete world MANY times) still would put me in the same place, same chunks not loading, same non-interaction, i even gave the server half a DAY (overnight) to fix itself like in an earlier situation similar to this problem. Still no avail, even when i simply enter the .zip file backup from earlier, an error occurs and it fails to do its job. Please, i ask for someone, anyone's assistance to help with the rejuvenation of this server, Me and my friends are really dissapointed at how the server wont function, and i feel guilty for my friend's progress being all for naught. Please Please Please, it would mean the world to me if i can just see my friends happy again...



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