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Ban Appeal (1 Year ago aswell)

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Username: CommandBlock707

What punishment did you receive: PermBan (I was flying before i admit but that was 1 year ago)

Was the punishment fair: Very fair i flew yeah i admit to hacking sure but i didnt expect it to be a PERMA ban i just wanna play it again

Why should you be unpunished: Its been a year (I think so its been awhile alright if im wrong correct pls), Im also no longer hacking well not anymore got bored real quick and id rather actually play the game properly yes i realize my mistake i just hope i get unbanned ill not hack again i swear.

What were the events that led to your punishment: 1v1ng admin and i flew, He permbanned me after (it was in a desert map)

Additional comments: Essay time
Alright Im sorry for hacking im sorry for asking someone to review this last time i appealed hope i get unbanned i didnt think it would be a perm so i realized my past self was stupid ill not hack again (fr now) and uhh gl to me i guess, I remembered warzone being a fun server to be in when i hacked before i only used Blink and Fly not anymore though.

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