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Can't Join my server game freezes when connecting


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When ever my server called wiimmfi is turned on I can't join when I try to join it says {my username} joined the game

but the game is frozen also my computer freezes partly the mouse doesn't work only the keyboard still works

I can't screenshot because I can't access screenshot with mouse not working

For plugins I don't think its plugins causing the problem I was able to join just yesterday

I had all the same plugins the last time I was able to join successfully

Does anyone have a way to fix this or I could possible backup world and put it back on the server

I want to be able to join the server can someone please start the server and see if anyone else is able to connect and its just my minecraft and not the server

When I connect to another minehut server I can join but when I connect to my server I can't join

I tried connecting in 1.15.2 and 1.12.2

I have plugins viaversion and viabackwards that allowed me to join the server


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I would recommend completely restarting your server if there isn't much work done on it since it will save you time and most likely fix your server. Unless someone else has a better idea because idk why that is happening.

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This could be a computer issue. However, its most likely something in the world. Someone could have placed something or has a command block that lags out the world with particles etc. Try resetting the world if that does not work try resetting the server completly.


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