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I'd like to see KnockbackFFA being available as a minigame plugin for a minehut server. KnockbackFFA is a type of FFA in which you are on a sky platform-ish map on which you have knockback sticks, the purpose is to punch your opponents into the void. KnockbackFFA is commonly played on German Minecraft servers and also rarely come on servers of other countries. I think a lot of people would enjoy having it on tbejr server. And good thing is, KnockbackFFA is both a Spigot as a Bukkit minigame. 

I found a random montage video of KnockbackFFA, I do not own it, I use it to preview the gamemode: 

Credits are for the owner of this video Hudysek. 



Let me know what you guys think about this gamemode. 


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